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Client Testimonials

Goss Logan Insurance


As always, your customer service is second to none. Your firm is always my recommendation to everyone I ever talk to about insurance.

- Peter M.


We are in the middle of getting car & house insurance and it’s so hard. More things to worry about and not knowing the insurance people, makes it harder. Would like to thank all of you for all of the 50 + years that we relied upon your agency to give us the policies we needed so we didn’t have to worry about the “what ifs.” THANK YOU ALL!!!!

- Ernest & Jane G.


You and Goss Logan are amazing. The water expander attached to the boiler had rusted through and was leaking “profusely.” Everything in the utility room is mildewed and a lot of moist air traveled up the walls between the joists and dampened the wallboard above. Eric and Dana from Sterling Cleaners came just after 4 pm and have been wonderful. They sealed off the affected area, set up dehumidifiers, and will come back tomorrow with HEPA filters to remove everything that is mildewed and replace the damaged wallboard. Mr. Dickinson himself came and replaced the water expander on the boiler so we would have heat tonight. Eric and Dana said he would only do that for Richard Logan!
I can’t thank you enough. I never imagined so many people would spring into action to help me, and I really appreciate it!

- Judith W. of -


What a kind and thoughtful note Richard. I so appreciate that you took the time to write. There are so many wonderful people in the Upper Valley, it is hard to walk away from friends, clients, business associates. Goss Logan is a standout! You and your staff get a 5 Star rating from every single client I have ever sent your way.
Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me.
And a special little plug here for a special person, Chris rocks!

- Shelley


Thank you so much for helping me through the process of having my ring repaired/replaced due to damage. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the whole process has been so easy and I hope to have a replacement ring in a few weeks. I really appreciate your professional advice while you were on vacation to go ahead and consult with a repair shop and that you would start the paperwork as soon as you returned to the office. It shows your commitment to your job and sure enough within the week upon you returning to work a claims agent contacted me, the ring repair has begun and all of it will be covered with no out of pocket expenses on my part. The claims agent was incredibly kind to deal with as she contacted the repair shop directly and worked everything out, not asking me to be the go between providing the necessary documentation she needed from the repair shop. We’ve always received professional communication from your office keeping us informed on any updates or changes to our policy, something we’ve always appreciated, and the same was true in processing this claim. After going through this, I’m so glad we have our insurance through you and your company. I feel like I’m in such good hands if something of a larger magnitude ever happens which I hope won’t!

- Amy


My agent often called me checking out my claim status . She relieved me a lot by showing her genuine interest in my claim . I’m impressed by my agent’s careful follow ups.

- Nam S.


Swift attention to and resolution of my claim.

- William W.


Very focused on getting a good result for me.

- Neil C.


Thank you for the information. I seem to call you every once in a while, but I always have a dozen or more questions. Your quick, friendly and detailed response keeps reminding me why I chose Goss Logan.

- Robert P.


Nothing could have prepared me for what I walked into on Christmas morning this past year.

As my family and I drove up to the front door at the restaurant I saw water gushing out of the front door and into the parking lot. I unlocked the door and looked in and saw half of the dining room ceiling had collapsed, chairs overturned, and 4 inches of water cascading down the front stairs into the lower level dining room and bar. I walked up the stairs and could see water shooting out of a pipe in the ceiling. My heart sank and my hand shook as I dialed 911. I thought to myself I don’t know how we’ll recover from this!

There was water and debris everywhere, and to make things worse it was Christmas Day; of all the times for this to happen – when we were closed for the holidays. The Fire Department came and shut off all of our refrigeration and gas – with no heat and no way to keep $25,000 of food cold it seemed like every minute there was more bad news.

We then called you and you reassured us saying “you’re covered” and “don’t worry”. I remember saying to you that you don’t realize how bad things are. You said “let us do our job”

Within two hours a crew of cleaning people arrived and they took over from there. They vacuumed out the water and started cleaning the debris. The next day a construction company was on the scene and the adjuster was on his way. Soon after the dumpsters, storage pods and a temporary office arrived for us to work out of. The adjuster asked if we needed an advance to help get things going. We thought to ourselves this is going to be very expensive.

A number of our 65 employees started showing up asking what they should do. How will they get paid while we are closed? We thought could we really have insurance to cover everything that was happening? The insurance adjuster said to me that Richard Logan wrote us a very good policy and that we will rebuild the restaurant better than it was before. He assured us that our employees would get paid and if we needed to upgrade anything because of local or State ordinance laws we would be covered.

The construction company that you hired was extremely professional, trustworthy and worked everyday to get us back open as quickly as possible. When we did finally reopen there were funds to advertise and the place did look even better than when we first opened 14 years ago.

Now that we’ve been open for two months since the completion of the renovation business has never been better! Not that we would wish this on any business or anyone, but without your advice and guidance when writing our policy we would have never been able to recover. We cannot thank you enough for all that you, the entire Goss Logan office and Peerless Insurance has done these past several months.

From the 65 employees, our vendors, the entire management team, Marc and I – thank you Richard!

- Eric R. of Blue Sky Restaurant Group


It is with the utmost gratitude that I write this letter of appreciation for the great deal of customer service that is consistently provided to our business, but mostly to our family.

Goss Logan’s commitment to customer service truly came forth during our recent need for a Homeowner’s Insurance claim. Where, from day one, we always knew that we could count on the friendly associates at Goss Logan Insurance to let a helping hand; despite the smallest of questions. What a great experience in such an unfortunate situation!

To know that our family is truly cared about is an indescribable feeling of gratefulness.

Thank you, Richard and fellow associates, for making small business the right business!

- Kevin, Clara & Haley M. of Mak's Trucking & Excavation, LLC


Thank you for years of service to my folks. It was always important to them that they could deal with such a trustworthy local company, way back to Charlie Goss’s office in West Lebanon. Everyone there has been very helpful and kind to me as well.

- Sue L.


A few hours after the Sunday morning fire, the couple’s daughter, Kathleen, called their insurance agent at home. I’ll be right over, said Richard Logan, president of Goss Logan, the small independent agency that has been in downtown Lebanon since 1922. Logan could see immediately that Betty and Jerry had lost everything. The next day, he delivered a $5,000 check for new clothes and living expenses. After lining up a contractor, Logan stopped by the house every Saturday morning for four months to check on the reconstruction. For years, their friends had been asking why they stuck with a small local insurance agent instead of trying to save on premiums by switching to a large national company. But Betty always resisted. They had done business with Richard Logan for decades, and before that his father, Howard, who has a Lebanon youth baseball field named after him. “We feel like we’re part of the community,” Richard Logan said. "If you know the people in your community, it’s a lot easier to understand what their needs are.

— article on Old Lebanon referring to the Gerald and Betty Hayes house fire

- Jim K.


The best lesson I have learned in business is to exceed the customers’ expectations. You all have truly gone over the top!!! Thank you for all your help.

- Robert J.


We would like to thank everyone who helped us after the devastating fire at our home in Lebanon on April 1. The community support we received has been warm and compassionate. We have many offers from friends and neighbors to stay with them. Food was brought to our temporary residence at Peter and Mary Brown’s home, and invitations to dinner have been very much appreciated. We feel blessed.

We also want to thank the fire departments. Although they were from eight different towns, they worked together as one team. They worked hard and tirelessly. They did an impressive job with a very stubborn fire on a windy night.

We know that this home, which was built in 1810, is a part of the historical fabric of Lebanon. We purchased the property four years ago and worked hard to restore the home and barn. Although much of our work is gone and it will be months before we are back in our home, the restoration process has begun.

Goss-Logan Insurance has provided wonderful support to us.

If people think there is no community support anymore, they need to think again. We feel so proud to live in the Upper Valley. This was a hard loss, but we will rebuild and our dog Cody is looking forward to once again sitting on the front steps and watching the cars go by.

- Antonio and Gay P.


I just returned from New York City where I had rented a car. Chrisondra had told me to purchase the CDW (collision damage waiver) which was $100 for this trip. I did, and wouldn’t you know it I was involved in a hit and run causing several thousand dollars in damage to my rental car (I was the victim). I called the rental agency and they brought me a replacement car. I continued on my trip and didn’t have to pay anything. Very happy with the great advise I receive from Goss Logan Insurance.

- Susan N.


I recently submitted a homeowner’s claim through Peerless related to water damage to a portion of my house. The adjuster, Randy, serviced the claim, coming on-site, reviewing the damage with me, and the ncessary repairs with my carpenter. Randy was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. I’ve been a Peerless customer for more than twenty years. The best public relations asset Peerless has are employees like Randy. Don’t undervalue their worth to your organization. Good job.

- Marty


Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m., Allan’s Vending Services facility was struck by lightning, which resulted in a small fire upstairs. We would like to thank the following companies for their outstanding response time to our needs: …Goss Logan Insurance Company, who stayed with us on-site and arranged for cleaning, advice and even flowers.

- Allan’s Vending Service of Allan’s Vending Service


Safeco handled our claim for our tire mishap with such efficiency, timeliness and professionalism. Thank you for your help!!

- Joe and Carol M. of -


Thank you so very much for your utmost professionalism and valued guidance on this coverage change and on the cancellation of my parents’ Auto coverage. I must say that these changes come with a bit of sadness attached, as my folks have been Goss-Logan clients for multiple decades, and I have great memories of my own positive business dealings with Goss-Logan – first as a kid delivering the Agency’s daily Valley News, then as my own Auto insurer before I moved away. Once their house is sold, I will miss doing business with the Goss-Logan Insurance Agency…I can honestly say I have not come across a better Agency yet in my travels.

- Frank D. of -


I was impressed with the promptness and thoroughness of the adjuster.

- R. H. of .


I am so very pleased with how our entire ice car smash was handled. From my initial email to you through the time we picked up our car from Patten’s Auto, it has gone as smooth as silk. Thank you so much for making this easy.

- F B. of .